Space Assessment             

Once you contact me, I will call you to set up an appointment to come and assess the room(s) or space(s) you would like to organize. Please do not straighten anything, as I need to see things in their everyday state in order to determine what’s going on and how to move forward.  Once I visit, I will create a plan tailored to your needs.  Ideally, I like to work in 4 hour blocks, but it all depends on the project and the scope of work that needs to be done.

I will call you and discuss the plan, answer any questions you may have and go over the particulars. If it all works for us, we will simply schedule the time to start Organizing Together. 

Organizng Projects

Closet, Cabinet and Storage Organizing

A beautifully ordered closet can be an inspiring place to go and find that perfect outfit, visit those gorgeous shoes or simply to just know what it is that you own. Also, let’s fix those exploding kitchen cabinets and make sense of those drawers. And let’s create attics, basements and garages that aren’t like archeological digs. We can organize these spaces so you know just where to go for what you need.


I can help you put order back into your life by reducing items you are ready to let go of. We will work to create smart storage choices and I will come up with systems for maintaining your newly ordered spaces. I will also check in, once we are finished, to see what is working and if there is anything in the systems that needs to be tweaked or ammended.

Home Office Organization

Let’s work together to create an ideally calm and ordered office, where everything you need is right at your fingertips. We will uncover that desktop so that you can write that great American novel.

Packing and Preparing for a Move or Downsizing

If you are thinking of moving or downsizing, I can itemize and pack boxes, donate items and reduce things that are no longer needed, making the next chapter of your life a smoother and less worrisome one.

Paper Taming and File Creation

Let’s make order out of all that paper and create systems that the whole family can use to tame those paper dragons!

Playroom/Children’s Room

Wouldn’t it be great to teach our future leaders about maintaining order? I know I can. I’ll make it fun and interesting. Let’s find the floor and teach the joy of putting things away.

Renovation Prep and Restoration

Getting ready for a home renovation can be an excellent time to let go of items that you don’t envision in your “new” space. Also, careful planning in the packing stage makes for an easy restoration in the very happy “thank goodness it’s finally done!” stage.

Small Business Organization

Let me help your business find its order so that lost office supplies are not triple-purchased, which will save you money. And wouldn’t you love a filing system that everyone in the office knows the “code” to? I will put things in order so that you can spend your valuable time growing your business and not your chaos.

Contact me by filling in the form on my “Contact me” page.

Let’s start Organizing Together!