Holiday Gatekeeper, or this month’s organizing blog

Christmas tree with Dogs
Christmas with Shamus and Murphy

As the holidays approach, I have an important organizing concept to pass along. This may seem counterintuitive, as the holidays are a time of abundance and beautiful decorations, but this is what I am getting at. You are already adding holiday decor to your home, whether it’s making space for a tree,¬†little Santa statues or beautiful bowls of sparkling, eye-catching baubles. So, since so many things are coming in, your organizing challenge becomes, making sure you say no to any extra things that are not needed. Think about selective decorating where the eyes can rest on that stunning tree or glowing candle display. Not every surface has to be covered. Your holiday choices will have more impact when they are truly noticed and featured. This is a “less is more concept” but it will also save tons of time when maintaining order and dusting. And just because you have ornaments from decades past, doesn’t mean they all have to be displayed. Also, if anything is broken, it is¬†time for it to go. Remember, the holidays have started and will continue right up until the New Year. Make beautifully selective choices. Happy Holidays!